Tantric massage

Several types of massages have developed into distinct practices over the years. In this post, we’ll look at the differences between tantric massage and standard massage. Health benefits from massage have been known for a long time, and studies have confirmed that we reap those benefits from tantric massage.

A therapeutic massage has the potential to alleviate both emotional and physical distress. It can lessen your discomfort, lift your spirits, and even help you get a better night’s rest.

Continue reading to learn more about tantric massages, including their benefits, why you should have one, and the distinctions between tantric and traditional massages.

What is a Tantric Massage

You may have a tantric massage from anybody comfortable massaging your private parts. You are not required to establish a love connection with that specific person.

Tantric massage, on the other hand, focuses on the body’s utilization of sexual energy. To put it simply, the massage works to reawaken dormant sexual energy and then absorb and transport it into the body for internal circulation. Most people need time to adjust to the idea of sharing energy in this way since they have never experienced it before.

You and your partner may have one in the comfort of your own home by utilizing the potency of a tantric massage.

How Tantric Massage Differs From a Normal Massage

When deciding between a tantric and a conventional massage, it is essential to understand the critical differences between them. A few of the key distinctions are as follows.

  1. To lift your spirits, tantric massage channels your sexual energy rather than the blood flow that is the emphasis of classical or traditional massage.

One of the most potent forces in the world is sexual energy, and when it is blocked, our happiness and health suffer. Tantric massages are performed to eradicate these obstacles so that we may live a whole and joyful life. Tantric massages use one’s energy, unlike traditional forms of massage, which do not.

  • Anyone with basic knowledge of the human body and massage technique may do the former, but only someone skilled in channelling sexual energy should attempt the latter, tantric massage. If it’s going to work, that is.
  • A regular massage does not include contacting anywhere close to the genital parts of the body. Only certain parts of your body will be touched. However, your whole body, including your genital areas, will be touched during a sensual massage.

Why you should get a tantric massage

Improves Your Physical Health

It is customary to begin a tantric massage with a full-body session.

Numerous studies have shown the health benefits of massage, including:

  • Stimulation of the lymphatic systems to eliminate toxins
  • Relief of muscular spasms and connective tissue troubles
  • Reducing pain by relaxing stiff muscles
  • Alleviating discomfort by loosening tight muscles

The culmination of tantric pleasure, called “release,” has reduced blood pressure in both sexes, while regular ejaculation helps men avoid prostate enlargement. It’s possible that using a foam roller as part of your therapy for pain can assist in reducing any associated soreness. Perhaps a prostate massage would be helpful here as well.

Improve Your Emotional Well-Being

Even the most anxious person can benefit from the stress relief that tantric delights provide. This is because human contact triggers the release of the feel-good hormones dopamine and oxytocin in the recipient’s brain. There is some evidence that physical touch, such as a hug or a massage, can help reduce anxiety.

Tantric massage is a great way to relax and unwind and may help with issues like insomnia, depression, and other modern-day worries. When you’re not as stressed, you can give your all in the workplace and at home. Mental health is essential to overall health, yet it’s often overlooked, especially among males. The benefits of tantric massage are cumulative, so getting regular massages is a great way to unwind and relish life.

If you have, you may have pondered, “What is Jing?” You may be surprised at how this energy affects your mood if you haven’t experienced it before.

It provides enjoyment.

Whether it’s a favorites pastime, an upcoming vacation, or a tantric massage, it’s essential to have something to anticipate in life. When you schedule frequent tantric massages, you always have something exciting to look forward to. Expecting something pleasurable to happen lifts your spirits in preparation for it. Finally, you get to have a tantric massage after the excitement of travelling or waiting for the doorbell.

You’ll feel refreshed, upbeat, and at ease afterwards since you’ll know you’ll be repeating the process shortly. Getting to know your masseuse over time might also enhance your massage experience. It takes time to feel comfortable allowing someone to touch every part of your body, but after spending enough time with them, you’ll like being in their presence.

Enhancement of Sexual Pleasure

A tantric massage is a form of bodywork that aims to improve one’s awareness of self via physical contact. It’s exhilarating to let go of control over your body, and some guys find that doing so helps them reconnect with latent parts of themselves. You can learn more about your sexual orientation by observing how your body responds.

If you want a better sex life, you might want to learn how to touch and be touched in a safe and comfortable environment at home. You may get out of a rut at home by trying new things like massage, improving your posture, and learning that the experience of being undressed and caressed can be just as satisfying as the final product.

Boost Your Confidence.

Tantric massage is a terrific resource for men and women who have trouble with touch and sexual expression. Regular sensual massage and deep breathing exercises may help reduce the frequency of premature ejaculation. If you lack self-assurance in the bedroom, taking off your clothes and putting your body in the hands of another person is a significant first step toward gaining that self-assurance.

If you feel secure in the bedroom, you can feel confident in all parts of your life. Believing in oneself and embracing one’s unique strengths is essential for reaching one’s most significant potential. A tantric massage can boost a person’s sense of self-worth.

Tantric massage has many positive effects on one’s body and mind and should be practised regularly. Think of it as a reward for your efforts and a way to stay fit and healthy in the midst of your busy schedule.

Types of Tantric Massage You Can Perform at Home

·        Lingam massage

Ancient Indian lingam massage has been shown to boost a man’s libido and overall well-being in this area. As the lingam (or penis) is massaged, it is stimulated by pressure and friction. Some claim it can increase both stamina and blood flow.

If you want to try a lingam massage on your own, you’ll need a trusted partner to show you the right moves to ease your penile tension. Start by finding a comfortable posture to lie back in and practising deep breathing. Your partner should know how to massage your shaft with different strokes and grips. On the other side, your partner needs to prevent you from reaching climax so that you may stay on the edge of orgasm the entire time. The practice of edging can improve your ability to regulate your breath.

·        Yoni massage

There’s no reason you can’t give yourself a yoni massage in the comfort of your own home. Females only, please, as this massage focuses on the genital area. If you’re feeling stressed out in your pelvic region, this may be the kind of intimate experience that helps. There are several preparations you must make before attempting this type of massage.

Find a private spot where you won’t be interrupted, and settle there first. Some massage oil and lubricant will come in handy as well. Initiate the massage by gently touching the outer lips of your vagina with your gathered implements. The clitoris can be stimulated by moving inward and performing a series of swirls, presses, and pulls. To succeed, you must learn and use proper edging breathing techniques and put them into practice.

Is Tantric massage safe to try?

When compared to other types of massage, Tantric massage is relatively new, having emerged just around three decades ago. On the other hand, Tantric is an ancient tradition with deep roots in Eastern civilization’s. There is no proof that tantric massages ever involved sexual pleasure or delight, even though there are numerous sensationalized stories about Tantric.